UNTOLD Odyssey – Itinerary




Day 1 – Embarkation – Rome – 1st of September



The UNTOLD Odyssey begins in Rome, with an amazing welcome aboard party, full of magic and surprises. Enjoy an extraordinary venue with stunning ever-changing views and let your soul be filled with music and happiness.

The embarkations starts around noon and the departure from Rome / Civitavecchia is at 20.00. It is mandatory to arrive in the cruise terminal at least 3 h before departure time.

Directions to Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Port – Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Pier terminal – Port of Civitavecchia, Molo Vespucci, Civitavecchia, Via Darsena Romana 7, Rome, Italy, 00053.
Airport – Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport. Travel time to pier terminal – approximately 75 minutes
Driving – From Fiumicino International Airport – Take the Autostada E80/A 12 – Roma-Civitavecchia, exit at Civitavecchia Sud, follow the signs to the “Sardinia Ferries”. Entrance personnel will provide any further details.Once inside the port, signage posted throughout will direct guests to their assigned terminal.
Pier long term parking – Parking facilities are available near the cruise terminals starting at a cost of € 60 EUR for a seven (7) day cruise plus €12 EUR for each additional day (price subject to change without notice) for the duration of your cruise. The parking facility will only accept Euros on arrival and will not accept credit cards or checks. The parking facility is located inside the port area. The parking facility does not offer a shuttle service to the cruise terminal. Based on availability, guests can pay for a taxi to transfer to and from the pier terminal.


Day 2 – Full festival day at sea – 2nd of September

The second day reveals the beauty and richness of the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. This is the day when the sun and the blue of the sea will delight your senses and the special  guests of UNTOLD Odyssey will take you into the depths of music and entertainment. The evening will bring you the first mesmerizing show, where the dancefloor will be your mainstage.


Day 3 – Ibiza – 3rd of September


On the third day be ready to discover the shores of the island that never sleeps. We will head to vibrant Ibiza, where we’ll start the most amazing party, at sunset, with lots of music and fireworks.

Set yourself free with uninterrupted shows. Enrich your soul with the wonders of warm sun and the infinite  blue of unified seas and skies.


Day 4 – Full festival day at sea – 4th of September

And because we want to fill your soul with joy, we come with a fourth day full of splendor. A day where you can relax, enjoying the boundless blue sea and where the sun’s rays caresses your skin, while your favorite music plays on the speakers. You will be able to enjoy music in our specially designed spaces, in the lounge and even in the theater. This journey will delight your senses and open your horizons.


Day 5 – Debarkation – Barcelona – 5th of September


On the last day of our epic journey, as we head to the shores of the magical city of Barcelona, we will count our memories and make promises to get together again, on  the next chapter of UNTOLD Odyssey.

The ship will arrive in Barcelona at 06.00 am and the latest debarkation time is 10.00 am.

Directions from Barcelona, Spain
Port – Barcelona, Spain
Pier terminal – Moll D’Adossat Terminal, Barcelona, Spain
Airport – Barcelona El Prat International Airport. Travel time to per terminal, approximately 25 minutes
Driving – From El Prat International Airport (BCN) – Exit the airport and take the road to Barcelona City. Once there, take the Ronda Litoral Highway and take the exit marked “PUERTO.” Turn right and then follow the signs indicating “PUERTO.” Ships are berthed at Adossat Terminal (Moll d’Adossat).
Pier long term parking – Long term parking not available.