UNTOLD Odyssey – Safety


The COVID-19 Policy entails comprehensive prevention, detection and response strategies from the time of booking through the cruise itinerary and at disembarkation.

Medical: Augmented shipboard medical staffing, capacity to provide for intensive care of COVID-19 cases, illness reporting, diagnostic equipment, personal protective gear, daily temperature checks for staff and crew and a dedicated onshore entity to address all inquiries and aspects related to COVID-19 case management, among others.

Ship Environment: Reserved cabins for isolation, air management risk mitigation strategies to increase fresh air flow and deploy enhanced filtration technologies, strengthened sanitation protocols, hand washing stations, signage, among others.

Measures for Crew: Mandatory vaccination for all crew members. Conduct 100% testing of all crewmembers, with a requirement for negative test results, prior to their departure from home, prior to embarking the ship, upon conclusion of a minimum 7-day quarantine and at least once monthly; daily symptom screening, mask-wearing in public spaces and service areas, limited cabin occupancy and access to mental health support resources, training in new protocols, among others.

Measures for Passengers: Frequent communication from the time of booking including instructions for complying with public health requirements, staggered guest arrivals and departures, completion of a health declaration, requirement for a negative test result prior to boarding, health screening, conduct 100% testing of all guest in the cruise terminal prior boarding, tracking and tracing for at least 30 days following disembarkation to facilitate post cruise communication, among others.

Case Detection and Management: Immediate isolation for possible or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in pre-designated, reserved isolation cabins, rapid implementation of response protocols to identify and quarantine close contacts, risk-based response plans, screening and testing of disembarking passengers who are close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases, among others.

Response Mobilization: Pre-arranged response logistics for each itinerary for transportation providers, shoreside quarantine and medical facilities in the event infectious illness exceeds onboard management capability; medical priority to be assigned to disembark confirmed COVID-19 cases as soon as reasonably practical, among others.

UNTOLD Odyssey cannot be canceled but only rescheduled, upon COVID-19 scenario by the embarkation date. If rescheduling will become mandatory, clients can accept the reschedule or have a full refund.